The Teen Brigade: Improv Conservatory


The Teen Brigade: Improv Conservatory



The Teen Brigade is a place for future best friends to develop their comedic chops and learn from some of the best instructors in the country. This course is dedicated to creating the future of funny. Learn to create outstanding open scenes rooted in authentic listening, creative connections and wicked ensemble work.

What is covered: open scene work, grounded characters and an introduction to longform improv.

Who it is for: Those interested in the highest improv education available in Guelph. It's a serious commitment and that's the point. This is an audition based program. 

Perks: 16 hours of class-time, M-B Incubator Pass (50% discount on all on-site Making-Box shows), being part of Guelph's growing comedy community

Instructor: M-B Faculty
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