Level One

  • The Making-Box 40 Baker St, Suite 205 Guelph, ON Canada


Start here. In this class we tackle the terms and give you the tools to kick-start your improv engine.  You will learn to make spontaneous choices, play at the top of your intelligence and how to truly listen, connect and build together in the moment. By the end of LEVEL ONE you’ll be letting the squirrel (your creativity) out of the garage (its cage) and beginning to understand the absolute joy that improv is. It’s an action packed 8-week course capped with the opportunity to delight your friends and family with your new skills live on-stage.

What is covered: basic improv terms and fundamental improv skills

Who it is for: those new to improv or those looking to brush up on the basics

Perks: 16 hours of class-time, An M-B Incubator Pass (50% discount on all on-site Making-Box shows), being part of Guelph's growing comedy community

Instructor: MB Faculty


February 17
Musical Improv
February 21
Level Two